Virally Targeted Traffic and Search Results, More followers = More Money, Easy Setup and Install!

Google Plus Sharelock is growing like wildfire: More followers More
Money, Google Plus Now Claims To Have Over 100 Million Users,
Google Plus is well on its way to be the next facebook!

Easy Setup and Easy Install

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Dear Fellow Marketers,

Google Plus is growing like wildfire and has just reached 100 Million users as of March 2012.  It's safe to say that Google Plus is well on it’s way to becoming the next facebook!

As a marketer your always looking for another tool or edge to either help you generate more traffic or spread the word across the web about the latest new product or buzz.

Well Google Plus is that tool... Here’s a recent article posted by WebProNews....

In a letter released publicly last week, Google co-founder Larry Page laid some news on us all about the state of Google Plus. Far contrary to the doomsday expectations that we have countered here before,

Page highlighted some unexpected good news about the state of the Plus and the general user experience across all Google products.

“It’s still early days, and we have a long way to go. But these are tremendously
important changes, and with over 120 Google+ integrations to date (including Google
Search, YouTube and Android), we are on the right track. Well over 100 million users
are active on Google+, and we’re seeing a positive impact across the Web, with Google
users being able to recommend search results and videos they like—a goal we’ve had
ever since we started the company. Activity on the Google+ Stream itself is increasing

“We’re excited about the tremendous speed with which some people have amassed
over one million followers, as well as the depth of the discussions taking place among
happy, passionate users—all evidence that we’re generating genuine engagement.”

Experian backed up Page’s comments with a study of their own that verified that
actual engagement on Google Plus was up 27% in the last month alone.

 Source WebProNews...April 9th 2012

More followers = More Money

Yes thats right, more followers equals more Money! You may be asking, can I really make money with Googe Plus? And the answer is yes, simply by following these basic steps below and installing Google Plus ShareLock on your website for starters...

    Increase your follower count, create more circles, more followers = more cash!

    Cross promote across other social media platforms, get the word out about your product or business and it will grow!                      
   Brand yourself as an expert and you will gain more loyal followers..

     Google + isn’t facebook, make sure your posts are more about your business and less about your latest personal                        activities!

   Advertise affiliate product offers, G+ offers a great platform to advertise your favorite affilate products.

So without further delay...


Force Your Visitors to + 1

Goole plus sharelock is a wordpress plugin that uses content lockers and a traffic pop feature to force your visitors to +1 your content before it can be viewed. You can place as many as you like on any post or page, it doesn’t matter.

You can even place them on a download page to force a +1 before your customer or prospect can download a product or free report you might have, anywhere you can think of.

Checkout some of the awesome features of this plugin right here..


* A traffic pop up box complete with optional timer        and close button...

* Add the URL you want visitors to +1...

* Force your visitors to +1 your content before                entering your site...

* 7 content lockers to hide your content within any         post or page...

 * Includes 7 different skins to fit your design and             style...

  * Easy shortcode setup right from WP editor...

  * Add any message into the content box that you          want to display...

 * All this in a single plugin and more...

Virally Targeted Traffic

and Search Results

 Google plus provides a viral method of getting targeted traffic back to your site as your posts can be                         shared with thousands of other G+ circles.

 Google + improves your search engine rankings as Google keeps track of your +1’s which in turn will                     improve your page rank, the more +1’s the higher your page rank will be...

 Google + is showing up in adwards ads resulting in more exposure for you and higher targeted traffic                     back to your site.

 Google has come out with more G+ features that are set to take over the web such as google + hangouts                 allowing video integration, G+ huddle, sparks and more...

Easy Setup and Install

7 - Content Locker Skins

A Traffic Pop Box with
Optional Close and Timer

Plus this Awesome Bonus Plugin
"WP Slide Pro"

Includes Sliders from the Top 5 Media Network Feeds...

* Facebook with like button

* Twitter

* Linkedin

* Google +

* Youtube, share your favorite videos

* Scroll over tabs to activate slider action

* Adjustable window sizes for added

* Display your feeds and Share Your

* Installs quickly & easily on any
   Wordpress site

* Comes with how to use guide

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