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  Magic Button...Unlike a PopUp it CANNOT be Blocked!!

"Magic Button - The Lazy Man's Way To Internet Marketing Success"


From The Desk Of:  Roland Coop


Dear Internet Marketer,

I have absolutely no idea about what you're selling or promoting online. . . . It could be ebooks, software programs, memberships, your newsletter or an affiliate program. 

Whatever it is I will guarantee you one thing. 

If you use Magic Button software on your site you'll sell more of it, you'll get more clickthroughs and you'll generate more sign ups than you've ever done before.

I'm that confident!

So much so that I'm prepared to back up my statement with a 100%, No Questions Asked, 90 Day  - Money Back Guarantee.

It WORKS or your money back - SIMPLE!




I can't tell you how impressed I am with your new "Magic Button". The button is very unobtrusive while still commanding attention. The "200 button templates" bonus makes the deal too good to pass up! (You really should be charging extra for it!) I look forward to installing your button on my websites. You have a winner on your hands here!

Dennis Hardy Founder SoftwarePak


"Getting attention for an offer is vital to a good response rate.

Your Magic Button certainly does that- it's a winner!"

John Payne Publisher Web Marketing Ezine


I have been selling a Youth Football Coach instructional manual for 3 months.  My average sale used to be one sale in every 3-4 days. 

I changed my site and installed the Magic Button and I received 3 sales in one day!

One of - if not the best purchases I ever made for getting sales of my niche product.  

Keep up the good work.

 Lee Kennedy



When I first saw Magic-Button I knew I must have it. I wasn't sure why, I just thought it was cool. When I ordered and created my first Magic-Button within the first five minutes, the inspiration came. Not only could I use it for gaining new  subscribers to my newsletter, I could use it in virtually any product sales page and increase my conversion ratios.

I put it on all my web pages with different affiliate links and product specials from my own store. It has added flare and professionalism to my site. Don't miss this one!

Sean Walker, ePlex New Business Solutions


"After putting a Magic Button on my web page a few days ago, I have had so many more sales than usual! About 30% more orders!

There is something very tempting about clicking on these buttons!  They CANNOT be resisted! You just "have to" click on them!

Your software is so easy to use it took just seconds to create a really nice button.  Truthfully, I spent half the afternoon just "playing" with the program because it was so much fun.

I love the free templates that come with it too!

A Magic Button is so much better than a regular irritating popup ad.  And has better sales conversion.

Thanks again! I am going to more buttons on my other web sites.

 Lynnette Monrean



Would you like the power to practically force your web site's visitors into clicking the links or visiting the pages you wanted them to.

Can you imagine just how much additional revenue you could generate?

Getting clickthroughs to the links that matter is what every web site owner wants needs to generate income online.

Well That Power is Yours!

With Magic Button you can wield that power in just three mouse clicks.

Okay right now you may be wondering what the heck's a Magic Button and what does Magic Button software actually do.

Magic Button allows you to generate highly customisable, attention grabbing and unblockable links.  Text or images or both - you choose. . . . .  You can see an example on this page promoting my newsletter.  It hasn't been blocked like a PopUp and it's not 'In Yer Face' annoying like on of those floating ads. (Don't you just close them down anyway?)

The Magic Button simply follows you down the page, but you can make them move, you can change the position on the screen and you can use different images in a whole range of different sizes.

The more eye catching, hypnotic, tempting your offer (however you want to call it) the more it'll be clicked. 

You can use it for absolutely any link you like - what if I was to make this an order link - The moment a prospect had got to the point in my sales copy and is ready to order - the order now button is at hand.

Here are just a few of the many successful uses for Magic Button:

  • If you promote an affiliate program you need people to click your links and visit the affiliate site so that you earn commissions.

  • If you run a newsletter or eZine you need people to sign up for it and preferably with their primary email address.

  • If you offer free ebooks or ecourses you need visitors to download them.

  • If you sell your own products your aim is to get people to click through to your 'order' page the moment they're sold on your product.

It goes without saying - to do any of these things requires some level of experience. You need a good presentation, your web site must look professional, you need enticing sales copy and you must command action. . . . But what if you could acheive similar results in just three or four mouse clicks?

Once you own Magic Button, you'll have the ability to get visitors clicking the links you want them to - when you want them to.

Because you'll have the power to convert your traffic far better you'll be spending less time doing the tasks you hate and more time concentrating on your business and your products.

Just picture yourself not having to spend hours each week buried in search engine promotion, traffic exchanges, and banner advertising.  You'll can be making more money because you'll be spending less time driving traffic to your web site in the hope that out of the thousands coming only 0.01% actually buy anything from your affiliate links.

Why You Need Magic Button . . . .

If your serious about Internet Marketing you need the best tools to do the job properly.

If you have a 'Sales Letter', direct response style web site (like this one) then Magic Button is the perfect solution for you.

You can quickly generate attention grabbing, moving buttons or simple fixed text messages such as 'Order Now!'

Whatever is the most important link on your page, use Magic Button to make sure it gets clicked.

Now the real beauty is that Magic Button can't be closed down by your visitor and unlike a PopUp it CANNOT be blocked.

You can use your Magic Button to open a new window or even send you an email - the potential uses are limited only by your imagination.

What Magic Button does is act like an attentive store assistant, not in your face like a PopUp window, not buzzing around the screen like one of those flying windows - but always close at hand ready to assist your visitor when the time is right.

Don't let visitors hunt for your most important links, your order link, your subscribe link or your affiliate links - capture their interest, stir their imagination and make them click.

Magic Button makes this easy.

Maybe you sell a niche product and there simply aren't thousands of people you can target.  You need to ensure that you gain maximum value from every visitor

Maybe you promote a high profile affiliate product along with hundreds of others - You need visitors to click YOUR link and not your competitors. 

(Note: Magic Button also cloaks your affiliate links automatically!)

The simple truth is - to give your business an immediate boost you must convert the traffic you're getting now better!

And That's What Magic Button Does!

It doesn't matter what you sell.  It doesn't matter who your customers are.  And it doesn't matter what the key purpose of your site is.

If you want to:

  • Sell More Products.

  • Generate More Downloads of Your Reports and Ebooks.

  • Generate More Subscribers to Your Newsletter.

  • Generate Clickthroughs to Your Affiliate Promotions.

  • Ensure Visitors Contact You for Additional Information.

You need Magic Button

Screenshot of the Magic Button user interface.  With just a few simple clicks you can use this amazing software to increase your affiliate link click throughs, gain more newsletter subscribers and boost your order rates.  Purchase your copy today..

Magic Button is fully customisable:

  • Use it to open your links in a new window.

  • Use it to open your links in the same window.

  • Over 150 professionally made button templates.

  • Create and use your own images. (even animated .gifs)

  • Use images of different sizes.

  • Insert any text you choose below the button.

  • Have the image link to one page and the text to another.

  • Have a static or moving image or link.

  • Put the button on the left or on the right of your page.

  • Link to the order page, subscribe page or affiliate link.

  • Use it to open your visitors email program to mail you.

  • Use it to start an immediate download of your product(s).

You can start using Magic Button right away it's available for instant download via secure server.

Order now and you'll see link click-throughs like you've never seen before, click-throughs that can boost your order levels, generate masses of new subscribers to your newsletter or eZine, or simply send more people through to your affiliate links.

Now I'm sure that's what you've been looking for and I hope I've told you enough to convince you that Magic Button is right for you but what you've learnt so far is just the half of it.

You see Magic Button isn't like any ordinary software.

Magic Button has a built in 'Updates & Resources' section that you can tap into to get free ebooks, free software, free services and amazing discounts on other products.  It's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and it's updated on a regular basis. 

You're only ever a click away from great products and services.


When Magic Button is updated - you'll get the updates FREE, for life.  When new ebooks and software are included in the owners section - You'll get those FREE too.

But There's Still More . . . . .

With the Magic Button software when you purchase Today you'll also receive:


 When you download Magic Button you will also receive at no additional cost this set of over 200 professionally created button templates.

A Professionally Designed Button Pack:

A massive selection of over 200 ready made images that you can use with your Magic Button software.  Many of these have already been trialled and are proven to generate clicks like you cannot imagine. 

Just one of these buttons could make you thousands of dollars in additional revenue in the next year.

You already know Magic Button is something you need - and right now you can grab this entire package for just $47.00 $4.99

Don't waste another minute . . .


Click Here To Order

Now Only $4.99


10PM OR 02AM Anytime Ordering 100% Secure

Magic Button is a Digitally Downloadable Product and
is delivered to your computer within seconds after Purchase!


Thanks for Visiting & Best Wishes

Roland Coop

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If you've spent hours and hours building a great site and invested your hard earned cash to promote your web site then I know it's heartbreaking when people arrive and leave without so much as a click on an affiliate link.

For thousands of web marketers this is all too common.

You're getting traffic and you've done everything you can to make your offers as appealing as possible but no one is biting. . . That impressive 'free' ebook isn't being downloaded, your newsletter subscribers can be counted on the fingers of one hand and your 'order' page sits there like an undiscovered continent.


Visitor Inaction - It's the number one reason why people give up on Internet Marketing and head back to the rat race with their dreams of a better future in tatters.

Don't let this happen to you. . . .

You know the success of your business depends on converting these visitors into customers, subscribers and members but without holding a loaded gun to their heads how can you do it the easy way.

Magic Button is the solution you've been waiting for.

With my 100% love it or shove it guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don't leave it a day longer, start right now and order Magic Button.


Here are a couple of possible options that you need to avoid like the plague if you want to succeed online:

You could try PopUps - but wait a second. . . .


If they're not already running XP service pack two which blocks PopUps or the Google Toolbar (Which can also block PopUps) or any of the hundreds of software programs designed to block PopUps (and therefore your promotions) - then I guess they'll just get annoyed when they visit because your hitting them in the face with your adverts. And that's not the best way to start your relationship with them is it?


How About Option Number Two?

Have you seen those drop in / flying Ads, the ones that bounce into view just as you're halfway through reading the headline - (now what did it say again?) You're distracting your visitors from probably the most important first few seconds of their visit.  People just shut them down straight away but you've also lost their attention.

Magic Button can't be blocked, it won't distract your visitors and instead of making them angry they'll be wanting to click your button and your tempting offer as soon as they see it.

Don't mistake Magic Button for an inferior solution - it's effective, it works - and it's guaranteed or your money back. 

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Earnings Disclaimer:
Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using any of our products.