See the software in our short video demonstration...

Here's How You Can Easily Get MORE Sales And Subscribers From Any Sales Or Squeeze Page

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Every successful marketer will tell you the importance of trying different headlines on your sales and squeeze pages in order to maximize your sales and opt-ins.

Put simply, the headline on your page determines whether people will even bother to read the rest of your page.

It's not easy to tell which headlines will convert well just by looking at them - but finding a good headline can easily double (or more) the response to your offer.

However, if you're like most marketers, you probably don't bother testing different headlines on any of your web pages. It's just too much hassle!

Now though I'd like to tell you about a really easy way to test different headlines.

Something that can be setup in 2 minutes flat and which will find the best headline for your offer automatically.

It's a very simple solution - but it carries HUGE benefits.

Here's the solution in a nutshell...


3 Easy Steps To An Optimized Headline

1. Modify your sales page (or squeeze page) - replacing the existing headline with the special text %%headline%%

2. Come up with a few different headlines for your offer, then enter them into a special software tool. This will create a special "testing script".

3. Upload the special script and your updated web page to your web host.



That's all there is to it!

The special script will automatically show each of your headlines in turn to successive visitors to your site and measure the response to each.

Once each headline has been viewed by 100 visitors (or a different number chosen by you), the test will stop.

The best performing headline will then be selected automatically - and then shown to all future visitors.

Getting the best headline for your offer just doesn't get any easier than this!




   Test Any Other Text On Your Page Too

Although the primary purpose of the software is to test the headline, the software actually has three separate text entries (headline, sub-heading and sub-sub-heading).

The sub-heading and sub-sub-heading can be used for anything you want - from a single line of text to a full block of text.

This powerful feature allows you to easily test different versions of any text on your sales or squeeze page automatically.




   Powerful Reporting Features

The software offers a simple "set and forget" feature which shows each headline to 100 visitors (or a different number chosen by you) and then selects the best option.

This makes it very simple to test, since you can set things up and then just leave it.

However if you would like to keep a closer eye on your testing, there are many powerful features built into the software to allow you to do this.

You can view the test results any time you want, simply by visiting a special (password protected) admin page using your Internet browser.

Here's a screenshot of a typical admin page:



You can see that this is a test of 3 headlines, in which heading 3 is the best performing.

You can click on the "Headline 1", "Headline 2" and "Headline 3" links to see what your sales/squeeze page looks like with the different headlines on.

You can click on the "1", "2" or "3" links (at the bottom) to stop the test and lock it to one option (you can also unlock it again and resume testing any time you want).

In addition, you can have the test results emailed to you every day if you wish as an easy way to keep an eye on your testing.

All these features give you a quick and easy way to monitor every aspect of your testing.


   See Just How Easy It Is...

Here's a short video that will show you just how quick and easy it is... 


See the software in our short video demonstration...

Click Here To Watch The Video

Note that the video shows an example of a PHP sales page, but the
software can also be used with normal HTML sales/squeeze pages too.

The video shows an example with three different headlines. Once setup,
these three headlines will be shown in sequence to each unique visitor:

           headline 1 shown to first visitor
... then headline 2 shown to second visitor
... then headline 3 shown to third visitor

... then headline 1 shown to fourth visitor
... then headline 2 shown to fifth visitor
... then headline 3 shown to sixth visitor
... etc.

Once 100 visitors have seen each headline, the system will select the best
headline and show it to all future visitors.

You can view the stats at any time - and manually lock or unlock as you
wish - or even reset the stats if you want to start the test again.



   Easily Maximize Anything Else

The headline tester software is very powerful with its three different text entries (headline, sub-heading and sub-sub-heading).

It can also test up to 12 different headlines (or other text entries) at once.

This is sufficient for most testing requirements.

However for maximum flexibility, we've also included a special Page Tester, which allows you to test absolutely anything you want.

With this tool, you create several different versions of your complete sales or squeeze page.

The pages can be as different as you want - so you can test completely different layouts or images as well as different text.

The software will automatically perform a series of tests to determine which version of your page performs best - and then show this version to all future visitors.

This tool works in the same way as the headline tester,  showing each of your pages in turn to successive visitors to your site - and measuring the response.

Once each page has been viewed by 100 visitors (or a different number chosen by you), the test will stop. The best performing page will then be selected automatically - and then shown to all future visitors.

The page tester has all the same reporting features as the headline tester, with a complete admin page and optional daily emailing of test results (in addition to the simple "set and forget" feature).

This makes it a quick and easy - yet powerful - solution for all your testing.



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The result is far too many visitors leaving the website without ordering or subscribing

...and this can translate directly into loads of lost profits.

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Requirements: This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The software is intended for use with HTML or PHP sales/squeeze pages (it is NOT for use with WordPress pages). The software requires your web host to support PHP and MySQL (most quality web hosts provide these features as standard).

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Earnings Disclaimer: Although we provide powerful tools and resources which can help find the best performing headline for your offer, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of the traffic received by your website and the value of your offer. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software.